Burn After Reading: The Coens Return

Meant to tell you this sooner, because I like to keep you ahead of the pack: the Coen Brothers' latest film, Burn After Reading, is very good indeed. Don't worry, I won't spoiler you, but suffice to say that it's hilarious. Intentionally so, naturellement.

After No Country For Old Men's bleak body count, this is almost inevitably a lighter affair. Being the Coens' work, however, there are also some great, incongruously severe moments which catch you off guard and lift you out of your seat. If I had to compare it to a previous flick from their CV, it'd be the classic Fargo - and not just because Frances McDormand's in it (along with up-and-coming thespians George Clooney, John Malkovich and a particularly amusing Brad Pitt). There's a similar level of black humour, taking a microscope once again to the absurdities of human behaviour, with characters crazily pinballing off one another.

No Country... caused debate in script circles, for a couple of its unorthodox choices (personally, I really liked that ending), and I suspect Burn After Reading may follow suit. One thing's almost certainly true: only the Coen Brothers could get away with it, but they do so with ludicrous aplomb.

Burn After Reading opens in the UK on October 17.


Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

I saw it, too. Made me laugh out loud at some of its sheer absurdity, but that's what the Coen Brothers are known for.

I LOVED No Country for Old Men, it was completely different and unexpected. Most people dont like the film, though. Too bad for them!

CK TheJunction said...

can´t wait to see this movie. problem is, that i have to drive to the next town to watch it in englisch *damn it*

Robin Kelly said...

I know you like your revenge flicks, Taken is an excellent addition to the genre, if you ain't already eyeballed it.