De-Clutter Day

I have a lot of stuff.

Oh yes, a lot of stuff.

And today is De-Clutter Day. I recently reviewed Romaine Lowery's book The Clutter Clinic for heat. While Lowery's nagging style irritated me somewhat, I could see that this infuriatingly organised woman had a point. My workspace has reached clutter overload, and it's time to do something about it. Today.

Mind you, I'm aware that the longer I sit here, telling you (and only you, because I trust you - psst, don't tell anyone, but you're my favourite) about how I'm going to launch a major de-clutter operation, the more I'm putting it off.

So. Did I ever tell you about the time when... Ah, fuck it. No more delays. Clear workspace, clear mind. I'm going in.


Thanks. That feels vaguely better.


Anonymous said...

Have you come across a casket yet?

Hannah B said...

Have you finished de-cluttering? I so need to do this, too...

Piers said...

Can you come round and de-clutter my house?

Jason Arnopp said...

Dan: The one containing the scrolls of Rassilon? No, sir.

Hannah: I did as much as I could bear, madam. It made me shout a lot.

Piers: No, sir.

Phill Barron said...

De-cluttering is easy.

1) Take one bin bag.

2) Sweep entire contents of desk into it.

3) Retrieve computer from bag and put it on the nice clean desk.

4) Put bag to one side for a week.

5) If you need anything from the bag, retrieve it.

6) After one week, throw the bag away. If you haven't used the stuff still in it, you obviously don't need it.

Job done, back to writing.

Elinor said...

No, no, no. Three bags: One for rubbish, one for charity shops, one for ebay.

Now you're sorted.

Robin Kelly said...

I cannot believe what I'm reading.

"If you haven't used the stuff still in it, you obviously don't need it."

I haven't used my bucket and spade since my holiday last summer but I'll be using it again this summer. Am I supposed to just buy a new set every year?

Keep everything, everything is important and you will regret giving it away, throwing it away or selling it. Mark my words.

Jason Arnopp said...

Get thee behind me, Robin. You're a bad influence!

Phill Barron said...

Robin, if you're going on holiday EVERY year, you're obviously not dedicated enough to being a writer.

Robin Kelly said...

Phill, it's only an hour in the sandpit at my local park but I like to call it a holiday.

Phill Barron said...

Do you take your laptop?

Robin Kelly said...

To be honest, no, I don't. You've opened my eyes to my wanton hedonistic behaviour. It appears my bucket and spade can be thrown away after all.