Christmas Quite Literally Starts Here

Get a load of this tree, huh? Not too shabby, my friends. Bless 'em - my folks always wait for me to come home, so I can decorate the old thang. Even if, as this year, I don't turn up 'til Christmas Eve.

I haven't brought my laptop with me. This is partly because it keeps dying and resurrecting itself, and partly because I don't especially want to look at it/use it/think about it. There was a tense moment when my dad's PC seemed unable to connect to the internet, but that passed when I proved that The IT Crowd's "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" catchphrase actually offers good advice when it comes to modems.

So this is Christmas. Feels pretty good, as usual. Only downside is my young lady being three-hundred-and-something miles away, back home in Scotland. Apart from that, Christmas is shaping up nicely. I have things to read, which I'll still probably never get 'round to (have already received the Fight Club novel for Christmas, plus a cool-looking Friday The 13th graphic novel and am looking forward to reading the other short stories in the Bernice Summerfield: The Missing Adventures collection I contributed to. Oh, and the Christmas Viz, for a bit of culture, innit.)

Had a marvellously drunken day on the 21st. Midday saw the beginning of heat mag's Christmas lunch, which began with lager and bowling. Then we moved to a lovely restaurant, where I experienced the joys of pheasant for the first time (fancy-schmancy!), drank some red wine and received a TARDIS money box as my Secret Santa present. Then there was another bar where beer was involved. Then, come nightfall, I went off to see The Wildhearts at the Astoria, which was superb and triggered much pissed-up shouting and heavy-metal gesticulating in me. Then an aftershow ensued. Sadly, the following day I was not nearly so delighted with life... When's someone going to invent booze which doesn't eventually make you want to eat your own head, just to stop the hangover misery, hmmm?

Some time between now and the New Year, I'm going to join everyone else in writing one of those simultaneously reflective and forward-thinking posts. Until then, the very finest of Christmases to you. And don't forget to watch Doctor Who.


Lucy said...

Dr. Who??? You've got to be kidding. I will be chained to the bed with the new handcuffs my other half so thoughtfully got me.

Have a marvellous xmas sir!

Jason Arnopp said...

Yes, but I've paid your fella to secure you to the bed, then force you to watch Doctor Who on that little portable which sits atop the little white cupboard full of old scripts and heavy metal CDs. Merrrrrry Christmas!

Lucy said...


You evil genius, never saw THAT coming (arf)