It's All Becoming Real

An exciting day, to say the least. At lunchtime, I met the two leading actors set for our short film, which will be shot this month. They were lovely people, and seem so right for the roles. One of them is also potentially in the frame for the feature-length ASK, which is nice to bear in mind while writing that script. I came home in the afternoon, all fired up, and hammered out some pages.

The short film is called Look At Me - a somewhat freaky tale of relationships, voyeurism and sex. Gotta love the sex. Locations are being sorted, and I'm stunned by how quickly it's all coming together. That'll be the relentless drive and enthusiasm of director Dan Turner at Magician Pictures, then. Can't wait to see LAM on screen.

This evening, I went to a screening of an exceedingly poor horror film called Shrooms, about some American students necking the titular drug while on holiday in Ireland. Featuring characters doing insanely stupid things and falling over every five minutes, it was partly commissioned by the Irish Film Board. If nothing else, it gave me hope, when stuff like this can get bankrolled. I was only too happy when the end-titles appeared, and I was able to hurtle from the screening rooms like some crazy champagne cork. I went along to the Development Pool - a monthly gathering of creative types who meet, drink booze and gossip. Much more fun.


Lucy said...

The Irish Film Board have bankrolled some absolute tosh in the last couple of years - saw one recently on DVD about zombies and cows and BSE and zombie cows. Hmmm.

Jason Arnopp said...

Awww, I like Dead Meat. Probably because at least it has the decency to know it's ludicrous... :)

Lucy said...

Why doesn't THAT surprise me... Prob cos you too have the decency to know you're ludicrous? : P

Tom Murphy said...

Hi Jason

Is the Development Pool still active? I'm having trouble locating it online (new year's res - work on my networking!)

Thanks a lot
Tom M

tom murphy (again) said...

Forget that Jason - I've just found it!

Keep up the good blogging!