Interviewing Scott K Andrews In London Tomorrow

I'm a big fan of Scott K Andrews as a writer and a person.  So when he asked if I fancied interviewing him at February's British Science Fiction Association meeting, I didn't hesitate to ask how many hundreds of pounds he would pay me to do so.  Sounding rather hurt, he explained no money was involved at all and so I fired a torrent of expletives his way, then begrudgingly dug up my Journalist Cap, dusted it down and prepared for battle.

It should be a pretty easy job, to be honest, because Scott's a good talker and also a very loud one.  No microphone required there.  So I plan to interrogate him within an inch of his life at this event, which is in London tomorrow.  Or today, if you're reading this on February 25.  Or in the past if you're reading it any time afterwards.  You missed out, suckerrrrrrrr.

So, anyway, yes.  Scott and I, quacking about his TimeBomb trilogy of novels, the School's Out trilogy, being a writer in general and, inevitably, Doctor Who.  Wednesday, February 25, 2015.  The mind-probe action starts at 7pm, upstairs at The Artillery Arms, 102 Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8ND, but the room will start to fill up with SF-minded boozers (both BSFA members and non are welcome) from 6pm. Scott will open with a reading from TimeBomb #1, then the interrogation will happen and we'll open up for questions from the floor at about eight.  There'll also be a raffle and everything, in which you can win Scott's actual trousers he'll be wearing on the night.

Actually, no, sorry, that should be, "A selection of SF novels".

Did I mention the event's free?  See you there.

Here's the BSFA page about the event.

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