Beast In The Basement Competition: Week Four

Time flies!  Here we are in Week Four, the final week of this series of pre-Halloween competitions.  The first week's prize was a copy of action blockbuster The Raid on DVD or Blu Ray.  The second week's prize was an exclusive Sinister quad poster.  Week Three's prize has been the supernatural shocker Stormhouse on DVD.

The deadline for Week Three's prize announcement has arrived.  Having drawn a random number using, I can reveal the winner is... Justine Larkin from London.  Splendid work, Justine!  The Stormhouse DVD will be with you soon.

Time to commence the final week of the ongoing competition.  Thanks to the fine folks at Fetch Publicity, the new prize is a brand new DVD of new supernatural horror film The Pact.  Out now on DVD and Blu Ray, it sees a grieving family terrorised by a supernatural force.  This is a Region 2 disc which may not play on Region 1 machines unless you have one of those new-fangled multi-region delights.

You only need to enter this series of prize draws once.  If you've already entered (and didn't win), your entry will remain valid in this final week.

Week Four's The Pact phase of the competition starts NOW, on Friday, October 19.  It will end at 11.50am GMT on Friday October 26.  At midday, I'll announce the final pre-Halloween winner, who'll grab The Pact on DVD.  I may run other competitions in future - we'll see!

All you have to do to enter the competitions is purchase Beast In The Basement, which you were going to do anyway, right?  Right?  Right.  (Already bought a copy?  You're as eligible as anyone else.)

Here are the simple entry instructions:

Simply forward your Amazon email receipt, from any Amazon site worldwide, to this email address: 'mail at horrornovella dot com' with the subject line 'Competition'.  That's it - you're entered.  Your entry will remain valid for however many competitions I run for Beast In The Basement.  You'll only drop out of the running if you win something.  Entrants can live anywhere in the world, although I can't guarantee that you'll be able to play some prizes (a DVD for instance) on your chosen device.


There we have it.  Needless to say, your email address will not be used for anything at all, apart from to notify you if you've won a prize.  These competitions are, regrettably, not open to people who I regularly meet and know in the actual physical world.  Might look too weird if you win.

If you have yet to buy Beast In The Basement, you can do so at one of these Amazon sites (remember, you don't need a Kindle to play Kindle books.  Apps are available for many platforms including Android phones, iPhones and desktop computers):

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon Germany
Amazon Spain
Amazon Italy
Amazon France


This is enormous spooky fun and reads like lightning! - Jenny Colgan, author of The Good, The Bad And The DumpedMeet Me At The Cupcake Cafe and Doctor Who: Dark Horizons (as JT Colgan)

“This short sharp shock of weird horror cuts right to the quick. Writing about writers is tricky, but Arnopp handles it with beastly aplomb” – Chuck Wendig, author of BlackbirdsMockingbird and Double Dead

“Jason Arnopp snares his poor readers using inch-perfect plotting and compulsive suspense so that, once hooked, he can inflict his own dark brand of please-no horror on their unprepared psyches. Beast In The Basement is highly recommended for anyone who doesn’t realise how much an author can love and hate his readers at the same time. Hell’s teeth, what's the matter with the man?” – JMR Higgs, author of The Brandy Of The Damned and I Have America Surrounded: The Life Of Timothy Leary

A wonderful, creepy tale that winds the tension extremely tight, culminating in an explosive ending that will certainly make your jaw drop  The Reluctant Geekwebsite

NEW!The suspense is palpable and almost cinematic at times, the descriptions of some scenes painting themselves on the mind’s eye with HD clarity. This is a taut tale of the some of the worst excesses of human paranoia that will leave its mark on the reader long after they have finished the last page  Chris Limb, The British Fantasy Society

I reached a certain moment in Beast In The Basement and wanted to stop and applaud my Kindle. On the tube"  Sebastian Patrick, journalist and writer/editor of the official Red Dwarf site

Goodbye, dear reader!  Have a great day.

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