New US trailer for Stormhouse!

Having enjoyed a great run on the global festival circuit, my first produced feature film, Stormhouse, has a confirmed US DVD/Video On Demand release date of February 7.  It's coming out over there through Lionsgate, one of my favourite distributors, so it's nice to be able to finally announce that.  The DVD extras will include Stormhouse Uncovered, a featurette involving cast and crew chatting away on the film's set.

Lionsgate have cut a brand new trailer for the film, which I'm very taken by.  It has a sinister US narrator, an 'R' certificate at the start for language, violence and gore, and all the  jumpily dynamic editing you could wish for.  Love it.

UK release, you say?  It's happening, so watch this space.


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Me said...

Hurrah. Looking forward to it being released over on this side of the pond.

Was that you doing the voice-over? It's how I imagine you sound.