Voices From The Past

This here Voices From The Past thing is an ebook anthology, crammed to the very gills with genre fiction.  I've written a rather unpleasant horror story called The Screams Next Door for it, along with a whole host of other writers.  Here's the full list of tales and their authors:

Another Kind of Lightning by Alasdair Stewart
Ascension Day by Alastair Reynolds
The Lab Gang by Andrew Smith
Master of the Game by Bill Willingham
Just Do It by Cavan Scott
The Maharajah’s Star by George Mann
Dr Wormhole by J. Robert King
He Loves Me Not by Jacqueline Rayner
The Screams Next Door by Jason Arnopp
Shuttle by Jasper Fforde
George V by Johnny Mains
Success by Joseph Lidster
The Wisdom of the Ages by Juliet E. McKenna
A Pot To Piss In by Kaaron Warren
Twisted by Lee Harris
Beauty Will Come by Mary Robinette Kowal
Mustn’t Grumble by Maura McHugh
Receipt of Fern Seed by Maurice Broaddus
750,000 of Your Friends Like This by Mur Lafferty
A Map of Lychford by Paul Cornell
The Curious Package by Paul Magrs
The Runt by Robert Shearman
The Chaos Exhibition by Scott Harrison
The Victim by Scott Sigler
On The Road Again by Stuart Douglas
Never Go Back by Susan Murray
In Leon’s Room by Thomas Fletcher
The God Confusion by Toby Hadoke

Looks good, yes?  And it'll look even better when I tell you it costs a mere £0.99 from H&H Books.  That's right - 99 pennies, or $1.59.  That's mad.  Couldn't even buy you a half in a pub.  Mind you, there's an option to pay £2.99 if you'd like to give more to the hospital. 

Surely, when I tell you that 100% of the proceeds are going straight to the London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, you'll now have this filed away in your brain under Must Buys.  You can grab it from the launch day of April 30 onwards.

Here's the page for order details.  Cheers!

UPDATE May 5: it's now for sale on Amazon UK.


Ben Dutton said...

I've just ordered the premium edition for my Kindle. I don't read or watch much horror, so you better not give me too many nightmares! What a worthwhile cause and such a good idea. I'm posting the link on my Facebook account.

Jason Arnopp said...

Thanks, Ben. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Ordered Kindle version today but still not published. Ia there a delay?

Jason Arnopp said...

Hi Anonymous! Apologies on H&H Books' behalf for the delay this weekend. They assure me that you'll have the ebook very soon - if indeed you haven't got it already. Thanks for buying it!

Helen Smith said...

It looks great. I have just ordered a copy for my Kindle.