Stormhouse hits BAFTA tonight

So, er, yes.  Good God!  Christ in a bowl!  Etc.

In May 2010, Dan Turner and I sat in a Soho boozer, talking about Stormhouse.

Tonight, in April 2011, we'll sit among a BAFTA audience (in the theatre pictured above) and watch it.

Time flies when you're making films.  Even when, in the UK, received wisdom suggests it's impossible to get them made.  (It's only impossible to get things done when you decide it's impossible.)

Tonight is mainly two things: a test-screening event (in which horror fans with no connection to us will give feedback, via anonymous questionnaire forms, after the screening) and a cast-and-crew shindig for all the amazing people who worked themselves silly for this film.  We'll have some industry folk along for good measure.

I'd be a liar if I said my stomach isn't rivalling an Olympic gymnastics team for impressive cartwheels and flips.

Let's go and break some legs.


Joseph Lidster said...

Blimey! Hope it goes BRILLIANTLY! Have a fab night all of you!!!

Keith said...

Congratulations. A phenomenal achievement. Mega well done

Hilary Hadley Wright said...

May tonight be huge fun, and the feedback outstanding. Fantastic job!