Sketch Armageddon

We had another Splendid sketch show meeting last night. Cor blimey, it was a massacre. People left the Century club with arms and/or legs missing, with their sketches rammed down their throats.

As I mentioned the other day, our process involves everyone reading everyone else's printed sketch scripts, then offering feedback and voting Yes or No in a X Factor fashion. Some scripts are earmarked for another draft, however, so it's not all either Failure or Glorious Victory.

We were all quite brutal with each other, but you have to be, to keep the quality consistent. It's also indicative, I think, that we're becoming more comfortable as a group. You only hurt the ones you love.

Splendid. Good day to you.


Anonymous said...

I've just infiltrated a sketch writing group here in Wales - ten comedians all writing together - tricky to agree on anything at all.

Trying to theme all on Wales because that's what the producers demand too... Arghhhhh

Jason Arnopp said...

Good fun though, eh?

Nice to see you have a blog on the go, too. Blogs are good. We like blogs.