Can We Believe Anything We See On ITV1?

Frankly, I'd say not.

Only a short while ago on this self-same channel, I witnessed a dinosaur in a shopping centre. Which is patently never going to happen in reality.

I then witnessed Jim Bergerac ludicrously pretending to be DCI Tom Barnaby, while solving an improbable small-town murder in an equally improbable fashion.

So I'm relieved to see this new "Ant & Dec award" caper finally popping ITV1's scandalous bubble of deceit. Good day to you.


Lucy said...

Yes, AND apparently in a street in Manchester, a large conurbation no less and called after the coronation (WTF?), people ARE ACTUALLY INVOLVED in one another's lives and know their neighbours' names and everything. And go to the pub TOGETHER! As if. Is there no escape from this insanity?

Dan Turner said...

You mean there is another channel on my television other than BBC1?
How extraordinary!