Crazy Pencil Action... Busy Busy... Exciting Stuff...

Just sent boxes of pencils to six US movie studio moguls, courtesy of this here blog, with thanks to that port-swilling fool Piers for flagging it up. It's a symbolic type thang, to show them that writers would kinda like to be paid for online content in future. Not much to ask, you'd imagine. It's also amusing to picture their bemused expressions, and frantic calls to assistants to do something about the shedload of pencils in their lobby. It's really easy to do, as the site uses PayPal as their engine. Nice.

Things are mad at present. When I look at my calendar for the rest of the year, it makes my brow furrow. Started as heat's Acting Reviews Editor on Tuesday, which is tremendous fun but lots to get my head around. I'm simultaneously preparing to swoop into the second draft of the feature-length ASK script. Director Dan had very nice things indeed to say about the first draft, which was incredibly encouraging. Now it's just a matter of stepping it up a level. Then another. And, indeed, another.

In other exciting news, Dan showed me rough chunks of the short Look At Me, which was seriously thrilling. I kept getting him to rewind one scene in particular, and especially can't wait to see the finished version of that, with music, grading and all that crazy technical stuff. Not to mention the CGI content (yes, it's got CG and everything!) which will be developed over coming weeks. Marvellous stuff.

In yet more exciting news, I interviewed former Doctor Who Peter Davison this afternoon, for Doctor Who Magazine. That'll be an ambition realised, then. Not only is he the first pre-millennium Doctor I've interviewed, but he and Tom Baker were always 'my' Doctors in the 70s and early 80s. Thankfully, Peter was a lovely, laidback, funny bloke. He was also sporting an incongruous beard, what with still performing in the West End's Spamalot by night. And I didn't call him Doctor once, or indeed ask for a quick spin in the TARDIS. Phew.


Dan said...

My Dad once worked for a company called Bookwise and spent the day driving Tom Baker around on a publicity tour for Tom's book of poetry "Never Wear Your Wellies In The House".

My Dad's Doctor experience trumps your Doctor experience.

My Dad's bigger than your Dad.

Oli said...

I pity my kids, when I should have them. For I am 5' 9'', and skinny, and not really bigger than most people's dads.