Any Port In A Storm

Word of advice. If you're ever sitting in a hotel bar with Piers, gone midnight, having necked a load of Pure Brewed Lager and whisky, and he suggests a cheeky little glass of port, simply pretend you're Amy Winehouse and you've just been told to go to rehab.

Look At Me, the short I've scripted, is being shot right now, a mile or so across London. Day One of four. This is fantastic and transcends all hangovers. Thankfully.


Jon Peacey said...

It's so long since I've had Port... which is a shame as it's gorgeous... such a warm taste!

And as for Look At Me: great stuff! Transcendent indeed!

(I'm glowing green with envy over here!;-)

Lee said...

It was tequila for me, but yes, I know the feeling of which you speak. Piers has much to answer for.