Thoughts fight for attention

Can't seem to find the time to blog properly about last week's Cheltenham Screenwriter's Festival, although I most certainly will. Am preparing to head to Wales for Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures journalism, while attempting to tidy my room, while the plot of a new TV drama script bubbles and boils in my skull, while etc etc.

So in the meantime, I suggest you take a look at Evan Leighton-Davis and Adrian Tanner's BBC Film Network doc coverage of the fest.

I also made some crude digital recordings of the odd seminar at Cheltenham, which I'd like to share if you're interested (and until I'm potentially asked to remove them). Try these:

Ashley Pharoah's introductory chat, before launching into a live audio commentary of his Life On Mars Series One episode (4.2 MB)

Ashley Pharoah's Q&A session, after the commentary (26 MB)

Being WAV files, I believe these can be played with either Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. You also have to accept that the sound quality isn't top notch, and that you may hear me laughing like a girl at one or more junctures. Good day to you.

Oh, and here's a Cheltenham snippet. One writer, who shall remain nameless, invented the 'bumming carousel', during a particularly boozy late-night session. Now there's an evocative pairing of words.


Rob Stickler said...

Mr Arnopp,

I might have bought you a beverage had I known you were coming to my part of the world.

What's this about Hammer Films? Are they looking for scripts? I did email them but had no reply (actually I think I 'Myspaced' them perhaps they thought I was joking?).

Have a good time with the DW team...


martin said...

So not only do you get to hang round the set of Who and see the episodes b4 the rest us us, You're presumably going to meet KYLIE??

i find the words "Jammy," "you" and "bastard"! swirling round my head trying to form a sentence

Jason Arnopp said...
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Jason Arnopp said...

Mr Stickler! What is your part of the world? You're in Wales?

Yes, Hammer Films are indeed looking for scripts. They have funding too. It's all rather marvellous. I'll blog about their new vision and needs soon.

Martin: Yes, I'm a jammy bastard. Mwah, hah and indeed haaaaaaaaah. :)

Stuart Perry said...

Jason, have big fun in Upper Boat, you jammy so-and-so. If you see John Barrowman, pass on my best wishes!

I'd be interested in a post about Hammer films too; my notes from the event are indecipherable.