The Twelve Days Of Fast Fiction

A while back, Lee 'Budgie' Barnett wrote two unique collections of short stories, entitled The Fast Fiction Challenge and The Fast Fiction Challenge Volume 2.  He had invited friends to challenge him by providing (a) a title of up to four words and (b) a single word which must be included.  Oh, and just to up the ante, each short story had to be 200 words exactly.

As you can imagine, these projects gave rise to a nice variety in stories and genres.  Both books also contain 380 stories between them.  Remarkable work.

Budgie recently launched a festive mini-series of new challenges, under the banner of The Twelve Days Of Fast Fiction.  Here's how it been going so far...

Day One: Neil Gaiman handed Budgie the title Why Can't Reindeer Fly? and the word "apothecary".  You can read the results on Budgie's site here.

Day Two: Wil Wheaton gave Budgie the title Around And Around Again and the word "joyous".  You can read the results here.

Day Three: I gave Budgie the title Hell Comes To Greenland and the word "excruciating".  You can read the results here.  Impressively, Budgie has delivered this fun, evocative tale in rhyming verse.  Now, poetry and I don't usually get along, but I love this piece.  Hope you enjoy too.

Stay tuned to Budgie's site for the remaining nine days of Fast Fiction!  Challenges are due from the estimable likes of Warren Ellis, Amanda Palmer, Tony Lee, Mitch Benn, Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker and Jamie McKelvie.

UPDATE DECEMBER 29, 2012: All 12 days have now passed and all 12 stories have been gathered together in one free ebook.

                                                                         * * *

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