Doctor Who: The 2005 Press Launch In Pictures

On March 26 2005, Russell T Davies brought Doctor Who back to BBC1 with the episode Rose.  A story which remains a masterclass in (re)establishing a format across the space of 45 minutes while absolutely keeping the narrative rocketing along.

On March 8, a couple of weeks before the big return, there was a Cardiff Bay press launch.  Here are some never-before-seen pictures, taken by me on the night, complete with occasional demonic red eye possession....

This event was relatively low-key compared to the Who launches which followed.  We were shown Rose on a big flatscreen TV in a room, whereas, by the end of Series One, we would watch finale The Parting Of The Ways in a BAFTA cinema.  Still, this first launch did require you to walk in through the TARDIS...

... and it also had a Dalek.  Which was, of course, a thrilling preview of the brand new shiny gold Dalek to come in this series' fifth episode, Dalek.

After we watched Rose, together with a quick preview of the series to come, it was time for a couple of Q&As.  The first being with the mighty duo Russell T Davies and producer Julie Gardner...

... and the second being with the show's star Christopher Eccleston.  As you can see from the man's body language, he felt totally comfortable and happy to be there.

... but that's not the whole story.  There was the odd laugh.

And then everyone waddled off to get hammered, celebrating the fact that Doctor Who was about to come back in grand style.  As the Ninth Doctor and Russell would be equally likely to say: fantastic.

* * *

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