A Great Moment At Heat Magazine

Every week, heat magazine holds a TV meeting. This involves ploughing through lots of PI (programme information) and determining what we should preview in the next issue, while eating various calorific foodstuffs.

At one recent meeting, TV editor Boyd Hilton peered at a synopsis of a forthcoming EastEnders episode.

"Minty is dead!" he exclaimed. We all inhaled, gasped and generally expressed windy surprise at the revelation that Cliff Parisi's character was to tumble off the twig.

Then Boyd took a closer look.

"Oh no," he said, correcting himself. "Minty is dead excited."


Unknown said...

Oh, cor.

So you don't even have to read the programme information in the meeting because the TV editor reads it out to you - leaving you more time to snack?

What a great job. It's just a shame you didn't provide specific information about how to get a job at heat mag in your otherwise extremely informative earlier post about getting work as a journalist. But then, who can blame you?

potdoll said...


Elinor said...

There was me thinking how pressured the life of a journalist must be.