Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer is a 24-minute one-off drama, written by me and produced by the TAPS organisation in 2009.  It's about love, death and letting go.

It was a great experience, from which I learnt a lot about the necessary economies of time and money in TV production.  I wrote the script under several technical restrictions.  Such as:

1) A maximum of three locations (although that craftily became four on the day)

2) A maximum of six characters.

3) A maximum of 20 scenes.

4) No special effects or anything too technically demanding.

5) The whole thing had to be shot in four hours!

Director Guy Slater (Miss Marple) assembled a fine cast in Barrie Ryan English, Fiona Wass, Seamus O'Neill, Lisa Brookes and Giles Ford.

You can watch Ghost Writer online, right here on Vimeo.